The EFOR network ( is delighted to announce its 8th annual meeting on May 2nd and 3rd 2017!

Program available here:

This year on May 2nd, focus on genome editing!

Whether you are using this revolutionary technology or are simply curious, worried or fascinated, please apply to the meeting (mandatory). Do not miss talks on agronomic applications with hornless cows and potatoes that do not become brown. Take time to discuss with philosophers the ethical impacts of genome editing.

May 3rd will welcome 6 workshops, each dedicated to one type of model organisms: zebrafish, Xenopus, non-human primates, marine metazoa, algae and plants.

May 2nd: “Genome Editing in model organisms day"

Genome editing in plants, what's new for the world?
Genome editing in animals: how and for which applications?
Round table: genome editing, ethical questions

May 3rd: “Model dedicated workshops”

Non-Human Primates
Marine Metazoa
Other plant models

For registration (free but mandatory!), click here : Registration form

For further information, do not hesitate to contact Johanna DJIAN-ZAOUCHE, the EFOR manager
 2nd - 3rd of May 2017
30, rue cabanis, Paris, France
8th annual meeting EFOR network, May 2nd and 3rd 2017
2nd - 3rd of May 2017
EFOR - Réseau d'´Étude Fonctionnelle chez les ORganismes modèles
Colloque OPAL : Place des méthodes de remplacement en expérimentation biologique
New plasmids for CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knock-in in zebrafish
The CRISPR Revolution
Place alternative methods in biological experimentation
Guidance on the environmental risk assessment of genetically modified animals
CRISPR Cas9: A novel approach to genetic engineering
Fish brain successfully transparized (clarity method) by the Tefor Core Facility
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